FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

May I order several models to choose from?

Since we are a small manufacturer and produce every model with a lot of love and care, we would like to kindly ask you not to order more than a maximum of three models to choose from. Moreover, it is the nature of things that light colored bridal accessories are very sensitive and therefore require careful handling. In the event of a desired return, please avoid any signs of usage.

How long does the shipping take into the EU?

After payment, generally between 9-18 days, depending on the destination. If you are pressed for time, please let us know!

How to choose the right color?

If you are very unsure about the color choice, we are happy to send you the desired patterns free of charge and without obligation.

What material are the hairbands made of?

The hairbands are covered either with a white or cream-colored satin.
Would it be possible that you manufacture an accessory upon individual request? No, unfortunately not. We have set our focus on our selected collection, using certain fabrics.

Is there any trick to smooth the voiles after shipping?

Remove your veil from the box and either hang it up over night or place it over an object so that it may unfold itself. Place it in a still damp bathroom,
moisture supports the process. You may as well iron the voile carefully at lowest heat. However, please only do so at your own risk!

Guide – wedding headpieces & veils

How are the bridal accessories best attached to the hair?

Our hair accessories are attached to hair combs, hairbands or clips. These can easily be secured on your hair or incorporated into your hairstyle. Comfort and a secure hold are essential. All of our models are extensively tested prior to production.


Hairbands easily slide onto your hair and look great with long hair, but also with updos. Perfect as well for fine hair www.bellejulie.de/shop/headbands/

Hair comb

Various hair accessories may be attached to hair combs: from tulle to feathers and dense silk flower arrangements. The arrangements are a great eye catcher and ideal for updos. They are pinned into your hair either sideways or from behind www.bellejulie.de/shop/headpieces-silk/

Hair clip

Hair clips are simple to use. Simply clip them into open or upswept hair. They are also perfect for fine and short hair. Hair clips can easily be clipped individually to any position on the head www.bellejulie.de/shop/hair-flowers/


Our bridal veils are attached to a hair comb, which can be placed in the hair at the desired position www.bellejulie.de/shop/veils/

Birdcage Veil

You can position them in a classical way at the upper back of the head or, for instance, in a stylish manner sideways. The variations are endless. If you want to wear your hair down, backcomb your hair at the point where you want to place the comb. There you insert the comb against the direction of hair growth. Thereby you get a secure fit of the birdcage veil www.bellejulie.de/shop/birdcage-veils/

Product features

Our models are manufactured out of the highest-quality materials, such as 100% silk.
In spite of very diligent manufacturing procedures, some loose or pulled threads can appear upon close inspection. This is a normal characteristic of natural materials, such as real silk, which have not been sealed artificially. A specific feature of wild silk are rough variations in the fabric. This is characteristic of wild silk and lends to its uniqueness and beauty.
Our hair accessories are not washable nor suitable for dry cleaning. We strongly recommend that you handle our delicate products very carefully.