Olive - ellbow length

'Olive' strikes the perfect balance between unpretentious and luxuriant. Like the 'Ivy' it is a short and airy one-layer veil but for 'Olive' we use twice as much material - it is 300 cm in width but still lightweight. A dreamy veil that flatters your face in a lavish yet delicate way - the perfect feminine finish to your wedding style. Pinned to the hair with a comb it remains perfectly placed but is easy to remove after the ceremony.
Fashion Photo @vividsymphony - Studio Photo @birgithart

Color: white, light creme
Single-layered veil
Modern raw edge veil, hand sewn
Length about: 70 cm
Materials: 100% nylon, silver comb


Price: 99,00 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping and packing