About us

Standing behind the brand BelleJulie is designer Katharina Michel from Munich. Her sensuous and elegant style has been influenced by her long lasting practice as a stylist for photography productions in the area of fashion and beauty, as well as her artistic background in painting.

Since 2010, Katharina creates and develops delicate bridal hair embellishments by BelleJulie. The collection currently includes headpieces, fascinators, birdcages, headdresses with feathers or silk flowers, as well as headbands and exquisite veils.

Professional tailors produce these various models by BelleJulie through intricate manufacturing work in her studio in Germany. One of a kind products originate thanks to high quality materials, much diligence and with lots of love for details.

Katharina’s long lasting experience as a bridal stylist influences every one of her designs. All of these stylish bridal headdresses are suited for various hairstyles without masquerading effects.

Her service  www.brautzauber.de is currently inspiring Katharina Michel’s creative work for BelleJulie. Since 2006, Katharina professionally styles brides with all her heart for their special day in Munich and Hamburg.

Katharina’s experiences with Brautzauber inspired her to found BelleJulie. And to this day, it is called BelleJulie® by Brautzauber.